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 There are times in the development of a business or career when we reach a crossroads. Strategic options are open to us, priorities have to be re-visited, barriers to be broken down and our organisation or career path is ready for a step change. In times of change, this is when time spent with a Coach to help you chart your future will add real and significant value. 

Working with Optica will help you focus your business or career for its next stage of growth. Whether you are the business owner or manager within the business, we will also work with you to ensure that your role is fully focused on delivering success for the business as a whole and your career and life journey within it.

Business Performance and Strategy  

In our coaching sessions, we will review all aspects of your business strategy. This will include: 

Developing a clear vision and strategy for the future path of the business

Identifying clear action plans to achieve your targeted business growth

Creating measurable goals and objectives in delivering great customer satisfaction

Understanding your position in your market place and how to leverage your strengths

Managing your financial performance and ensuring you have the right management information to steer the ship    

 Establishing staff development plans to both develop their own potential and motivate them towards delivering the enterprise objectives   

why2.jpgOur role as coach is not to give you the answers to all these issues but to provide a strategic framework within which you will develop your own solutions and to be at your right hand to facilitate, test, challenge and support your own creative instincts.

Honing Your Personal Performance 

It is one thing to have a well formed business strategy and another to ensure its successful implementation. Honing your personal performance is therefore vital, both in terms of your own decisions and actions and also how you lead and motivate others within your organisation.

executive coachingSuccessful business leaders and entrepreneurs have many varied personality traits and there is no right or wrong persona. However, useful areas to benchmark against would include:   

Having the vision to see, plan and act beyond the boundaries of the current situation

Aligning people towards engaging in and delivering the vision   

Inspiring people to deliver their full contribution as a valued team member

Delivering generative change

Taking full accountability for the results

In coaching, we will help you develop your own unique leadership style with personal integrity and authenticity so you become the driving force in your organisation's success. 

Why choose Optica?

We recognise the need to integrate business strategy with personal performance and leadership. Our coaching brings together the two core disciplines of business coaching and executive coaching as well as helping clients integrate their business and career ambitions with their overall life goals ...read more



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“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”

Abraham Lincoln


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